flexis Corporate Execution Monitor

flexis Corporate Execution Monitor empowers companies to own and cut the complexity of supply chain management.

With flexis Corporate Execution Monitor solution, manufacturing companies have the power, control, insight, and visibility to reduce the instability and uncertainty of administering complex global supply chains for increased productivity and profitability.

In an effort to foster enhanced E2E visibility across these complex partner and supply networks, flexis Corporate Execution Monitoring solution gives manufacturing companies enhanced control in three specific areas of planning and production programs:

  1. Transportation Execution: flexis Corporate Execution Monitor gives companies the ability to monitor transport orders execution. These orders are distributed to transport service providers where flexis Transport Execution then registers transport states and visualizes these orders for transport coordinators.
  2. Production Control: flexis Corporate Execution Monitor allows companies to visualize production state by gathering information from MES systems, mobile devices, scanners, or IoT devices. This solution also allows production coordinators to track and monitor current production processes and programs. Production Control can then be leveraged at the shop floor level to distribute information, data, and orders to allows planners and managers to sort, track, and review production orders, adjustments, or current outstanding tasks.
  3. Outbound Coordination: flexis Corporate Execution Monitor allows planners and managers to visualize consolidated transport capacities to monitor outbound schedules and track or adjust shipping timelines.
  4. Stock Management: flexis Stock Management allows planners and managers to monitor and modify stock and inventory levels variances relative to supplier demands in order to allow for maximum production efficiency and productivity.