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flexis Supply Chain Risk Manager

In the Supply Chain Risk Management module, Second Best Options for critical aspects of Strategic Networks are created in order to let stakeholders understand alternative options for avoiding risk areas. The cost and lead times associated with these solutions are aggregated from network planning, and the respective lanes are connected with geographical regions.

By integrating an external service, manual assessments, or imports of risk information based on geographical regions, flexis’ Supply Chain Risk Manager can parse out a complex web of possible events across the entire value chain, giving users the chance to mitigate risk by developing a deeper understanding of the relationships between factors like stock levels and transport provider information. Through the Continuity Manager, risks can be represented on their respective lanes, weighted as a function of their criticality and presented with KPIs to provide recommendation for action.

With a comprehensive approach to risk management, the module allows companies to answer important questions about the stability of the value chain:

  • How much is the cost of the Second Best Option aggregated on each lane or total model?
  • What are the impact of the Second Best solutions at the delivery council? Are these hedged by inventories or emergency strategies? These should be maintained for the top threats in the module.
  • For which lanes are defined second best options missing? Are these lanes critical?