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flexis Supply Chain Event Manager

In the past, shipping has been especially susceptible to disruption via unanticipated changes, from labor disputes and shortages to meteorological events. No longer, however, must businesses be at the mercy of these deviations from the master plan. With the Event Scenario Manager module, deviations from the delta of the planned are combined with actual backdated transport information in order to give planners actionable options for mitigating unforeseen supply chain events.

Transport states are monitored either in the external TMS or in the flexis Event Scenario Manager module, where statuses are recorded to their assigned consignments to be permanently compared with the desired states.

For each deviation from planned states, an event is generated and passed on to the Event Scenario Manager. By accessing inventories in the company (the transfer of the primary requirements having already been established), an appropriate range of possibilities can be developed and used for contingency-planning.

Users can derive scenarios for speeding up transport processing based on special expenses incurred, as well as related lead times, which are imported from the Tender Module. The third component is the cost of rescheduling from master data at the locations based on the affected vendor. Thus, users who have fully integrated flexis’ productions optimizations can assess the impacts of possible reschedulings ahead of time, gaining a better understanding of the risk and benefits of the their decision.

With its Supply Chain Event Manager, flexis aggregates critical business data in order to offer recommendations for instant action across all scenarios, so that shippers can adequately protect themselves from vulnerabilities and uncertainties in the supply chain.