Dear Business Partners, Partners, and Friends,

The current developments pose new challenges and force us to reorient ourselves in order to be on a good footing in the business world. We, therefore, would like to inform you of the measures we have taken to ensure continued good co-operation:

Risk Committee for Health Protection:

Our flexis risk committee informs our employees worldwide at regular intervals about the latest changes and rules of conduct for responsible behavior towards colleagues, customers and society. We consistently implement the official guidelines and regulations at the state and federal level, not only in our German offices but also in all our international subsidiaries.

Provision of technical requirements:

All employees are equipped with modern technical tools and can dial into the internal network via a secure VPN connection. We are thus fully capable of working from home and our employees continue to work on projects as usual.

Continuous availability:

You can reach our employees through e-mail, Microsoft Teams, and by telephone. We will also use alternative communication channels, if required by customers.

What are the next steps in Supply Chain Management?

In the short term, supply chains will no longer function as they do now. In the long term, there is still uncertainty but we will recalculate and analyze the different supply chain scenarios and adjust accordingly. We must not worry about the devastating effects of the current events, but act instead with foresight and courage with the help of our human intellect, our optimism, and all the intelligent technical tools at our disposal. Together we can make every effort to create a successful future for our employees and companies.

We wish you, your families, and your employees all the best.

Warmest regards
the flexis team