flexis ProfiTour Press Logistics

ProfiTour is a scheduling system that is precisely tailored to the requirements of modern press logistics. Its wide range of functions helps users to solve and optimize a variety of operational and strategic tasks.

flexis ProfiTour Press Logistics

In a world of declining revenues and increasing cost pressure in the world of newspaper distribution, many businesses are rethinking their transport logistics. ProfiTour is precisely designed to optimize the complex relationship between product availability and the time requirements at the unloading points, offering alternative planning strategies such as networking with other logistics companies, adding other transport networks, and joint delivery of other products.

With the help of ProfiTour you can turn powerful optimization tools into more successful planning and implementation workflows.

Areas of Application:

  • Strategic planning: Adaptation of framework tour plans using various planning tools
  • Operational planning: Use of optimization potentials by adapting daily planning
  • Calculations: Cost efficiency calculations
  • Transport networks: Planning and mapping of network structures
  • District optimization: Tour optimization by street