flexis Logistic Control Tower

An integrated logistics control tower creates a collaborative environment for greater logistics monitoring.

With flexis Logistics Control Tower, manufacturing companies can take the wheel of their inbound and outbound logistics to leverage greater supply chain management advantages over their competitors.

A logistics solution gives manufacturing companies the power to monitor, review, and adjust their inbound and outbound logistics in real-time without disrupting other elements of the supply network. flexis Logistics Control Tower creates a collaborative environment at each stage of the shipping process based on previously planned states and actions and based on information updates from various execution parts.

flexis Logistics Control Tower also provides manufacturing companies with a number of other critical advantages such as:

  • Execution monitoring based on the flexis 360 degree approach.
  • In-depth analysis and insight on the part, shipment, production line, and even factory level.
  • Analysis and reporting on a product or order view.
  • Dynamic monitoring from different angles in order to successfully administer, monitor, and adjust logistics activities.

flexis Logistics Control Tower also gives manufacturing companies the power to address and combat deviations. Using in-memory databases, coordinators can actively and accurately create events to allow operative logistic control towers to take immediate actions to address planning variances. Coordinators can analyze and collaborate on solution scenarios to resolve exceptions and promote accurate decision-making based on E2E supply chain visibility.