Clear and safe sequencing: flexis optimizes scheduling at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Europe

The light duty truck Fuso Canter is being built in the Portuguese plant Tramagal. Several flexis products are used for scheduling and buildability checking. The installed flexis solution has been successfully in live operation since late November 2010.

Sequencing of the final assembly line and the Reference Sequencing of the cab line are done with the help of flexis products. Even the scheduling of the axle line and the visualization of the availability of parts are performed by flexis technology. For the latter, Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks Europe (MFTE) uses flexis Monitoring. The various products that flexis has implemented at Tramagal – due to their modular design – mesh very effectively.

Predictive scheduling through simulation

In addition to the planning solution, flexis also provides a parts and workload monitoring based on the sequence, which includes a time horizon of 40 days. Furthermore, flexis adds the possibility of a simulative testing of changes within the planning schedule. Thus in case of necessary re-scheduling , it can be verified if all parts for alternative jobs with a different configuration are available. Only then they are taken into consideration for scheduling. The flexis solution also visualizes if the alternatives violate restrictions on the same position or causes other problems. Any potential change can first be checked for its suitability before it is implemented in the live system.