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flexis Green Footprint Optimizer

As new social and economic realities take hold, companies will see pollution and energy consumption added to their key decision-making factors. The Green Footprint Optimizer module, as an add-on for strategic, tactical, and operational planning, allows the extension of the optimization model to include emission values.

Calculation rules are applied to the respective modalities, and emission values are deposited with the modes of transport used. For each possible processing combination, the costs of the emission ejection can be deposited, and decisions can be optimized in terms of freight optimization, emission optimization, or overall optimization based on your defined priorities and weighting ratios. Alternatively, cost- or emission-side maxima can be defined which apply either globally or in relation to the transported quantity.

With an eye toward the emerging trends 21st century shipping, flexis’ Green Footprint Optimizer helps users stay ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking and understanding carbon emissions. Factor carbon emissions and offsetting into your logistical and monetary calculations with new ease.