October 12, 2015

flexis shows expertise in Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming

Thorsten Winterer from flexis AG attended the 21st "Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming", held from 31.08 - 04.09.2015 at University College Cork/Ireland. This conference is the most important conference in the field of constraint programming.

As part of the "Industry Day", Thorsten presented the flexis sequencing solution and was able to introduce our solutions to a wide audience. The Industry Day aims to introduce successful practical solutions in the field of Constraint Programming and merge as industry practice and academic research. During the conference an "Industrial Modelling Competition" was conducted.

The aim of the competition was to solve a real industry problem. The problem presented was about the classification of test runs as part of the industrial robot production at ABB in Norway. The total duration was counted to generate a solution and implementation of the plan started.