Challenges - Corporate Execution Monitoring

Today’s manufacturing companies struggle to link the product world and parts world across complex partner networks

For today’s manufacturing companies, one the most critical challenges is monitoring execution of different partner networks and their operations at different parts of a company’s value chain. Information on current execution states must run through control towers to effectively link the product world and the parts world for real-time insight into the overall supply situation and to understand the consequences of deviations from established plans.

With such a diverse supply network with companies producing highly specialized products or component parts, manufacturing companies have realized the difficulty in maintaining equalized value throughout the network and leveraging the power necessary to control these complex partner network structures.

This means manufacturing companies are placed in greater danger of operating in an unstable production environment where variations and deviations can create significant bottlenecks or breakdowns in planning and production sequences. While manufacturing companies today deploy ERP systems cut this complexity and reduce the level of uncertainty in a global manufacturing sphere, ERP systems do not create the E2E visibility necessary to control planning, production, and delivery processes.