Demand Capacity Management

A comprehensive overview of jobs, markets, production resources, and supply chains to ensure sound planning and flexibility

In the short and mid-range horizons, it is crucial for a planner to have the ability to react quickly and flexibly to discrepancies between forecasted and actual sales. Any changes to the planned orders have far reaching consequences and must be made intelligently. In order to stay in the now, planners must match new circumstances with the existing plan in order to see if it is possible to leverage the existing capacity plan or if there is need to secure new capacity.

React to supply shortages swiftly and intelligently with flexis Demand Capacity Management

Early detection of impending supply shortages and identifying the affected orders is paramount to today’s manufacturing world. Information such as available capacities and jobs that fit these capacities are critical to optimize the rescheduling of orders.

The focus of Demand Capacity Management is to secure the short and mid-range planning horizons. A continuous balancing of needs and capacities across all product levels allows planners to react quickly to disturbances such as bottlenecks, production issues, or sales order changes


  • Comprehensive analysis of buildability
  • View and manage the supply security of scheduled orders
  • Ensure the spare parts supply for scheduled orders
  • Identify impending bottlenecks and which orders will be affected
  • Identification of overcapacities and potential costs
  • Validation of demand capacity scenarios for quick and decisive responses to issues
  • Fast BOM explosion of individual orders or groups
  • Processing of individual part numbers of target groups