Container Management - Load

Continuous optimization of the container loading process - Container loading, Packaging, and Transport costs can be tapped for potential savings

Transportation costs are a major part of total logistics costs, especially in global value chains. There is a great potential in reducing these costs in the optimized loading of containers. There are many cost-effective ways to transport goods. However, there are also still many ways to cut logistics costs such as an integrated optimization of container loading and upstream packaging.

In container loading, various conditions are observed and analyzed in order to optimize the loading sequence while not violating any restrictions such as; stacking vs. non-stacking, part bundling, and container load dates. In CKD, there must be specific conditions considered. One example would be whether the packaging should be transported in one container or separately. Flexis Container Load Management is able to take into consideration many different variables.


  • Take into account packing restrictions for the container loading sequence
  • Cost Optimization through the use of predetermined “charge and transport units”
  • Optimize the packaging sequences of upstream packing stations
  • Implement an integrated pull strategy with consideration of capacity and restrictions on resources