flexis Solves Complexity of S&OP Planning Processes with Intelligent AI


Innovative solutions for optimal inventory planning and supply chain optimization

STUTTGART, Germany September, 2023 – As demand and supply chain volatility continue, companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of planning optimal inventories. The interdependence between inventory management and supply chain optimization is gaining significant importance, especially with the advancing possibilities of digitalization.

Manufacturers in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and plant construction should be able to create reliable, long-term forecasts to negotiate capacities and prices with suppliers, establish viable partnerships, and ensure reliable delivery performance. This is where the flexis S&OP solution comes in, using intelligent AI methods to enable realistic planning of up to five years into the future. This software solution specializes in complex networks with multi-variant products and components, global, multi-level production structures, and distribution structures with different channels and levels.

Diverse Range of Advanced AI Methods for First-Class S&OP Processes:

flexis offers a variety of AI methods in its S&OP system in the current release, which have been tested and successfully implemented with customers in the past:

  • Accurate calculation and prediction of unlimited demands

  • Optimal inventory planning for different global sales markets

  • Intelligent allocation of production orders, including:

  • AI support for optimal resource utilization

  • AI based supply requests at the perfect time for ideal inventories

  • AI technology for optimal transportation allocation

  • Calculation of optimal order pools (planned and unplanned orders).

These complex calculations are performed and are visually processed within seconds in a digital twin of the S&OP network using AI methods. The planner receives a clear overview of planned sales, inventory on hand, retail inventory at the points of sales, if applicable, and planned production quantities per product and of each assigned part of the product.

Intelligent Pattern Recognition and Precise Forecasts

By analyzing historical data, detecting seasonal fluctuations and trends, and by using market analyses, significant patterns can be identified, which serve as the basis for accurate sales forecasts. flexis uses different algorithms for extrapolation, depending on the use case. The sales forecast for the products is then broken down to the required components along the product structures or along the bill of materials. Once capacities on low levels are available, flexis provides an AI method to monitor these capacities back to the SKU level using back calculation. This enables capacity checks for orders prior to being placed with highest due date adherence and with inventory safeguarding, ensuring an inventory level that meets the requirements of the sales and production plan.

About flexis
flexis AG specializes in flexible, innovative software for optimizing supply chain planning and execution. For over 25 years and with a global presence flexis AG has enabled its over 2,000 planners across industries to deliver superior production and logistics network results. Our goal is to help each to continuously improve their supply chain and provide a positive impact to the company overall. We achieve this by forming authentic, mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships, and with the flexis HYBRID Architecture. Our technology provides resilient solutions by enabling rapid, agile development of modular, customizable, and reliable software. With offices in Germany (3), USA, Canada, China, and Japan, we support our customers worldwide during the successful implementation of innovative solutions for supply chain management. For more information about flexis products visit www.flexis.com.

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