July 08, 2013

Intelligent buffer control increases the efficiency of your production as an Add-on for flexis Sequencing

In takt-oriented production, the upstream areas (e.g. paint and body shop) act as a kind of internal supplier to the final assembly. Whether the desired sequence is achieved in the final assembly largely depends on how much turbulence is generated upstream and how well this can be compensated. The compensation is done via a re-sorting of the sequence which is made possible by a targeted storing of orders in a buffer and retrieving them from there into the downstream areas on an as needed basis.

flexis buffer control creates a system-generated storage and retrieval sequence for all orders, which takes into account all the information from the shop floor and communicate in real time with the MES system. This means:

  • Complete transparency about orders on the upstream and downstream lines and inside the buffer
  • Consideration of blockages, for example due to missing parts
  • Inclusion of existing planning constraints and objectives for the entire assembly
  • Representation of standard buffers structures such as FIFO, LIFO, or random access buffer
  • Ability to block orders manually in the system
  • Short-term and in-depth validation of what-if scenarios
  • Increased potential for optimization of upstream processes (paint, press plant) through intelligent backward sorting towards the planned final assembly sequence.