December 16, 2010

High performance thanks to technological advance

flexis uses Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and single-page applications (SPA) for the implementation of its web solutions to guarantee maximum user friendliness and performance.

Through its innovative communication between client and server, flexis makes it possible to do fast and automatic updates of content, which is displayed to each user synchronously. If several users open the same database, it will also be updated at the same time. This is important especially for the flexis Monitoring solution, for which ongoing updating is essential. The conceptual design of flexis solutions contributes to higher performance, because not the entire page with the entire HTML code has to be reloaded when opening new pages.

flexis AG provides their customers with products that bring together pioneering ideas and the use of powerful technologies. The use of websites that are able to send notifications is an aspect which proves that flexis keeps track of innovations in the software market and anticipates the possibilities which result from them.