March 17, 2011

flexis at the Automotive Circle International Conference

flexis AG participated in the Automotive Circle International Conference that took place on February 9th and 10th 2011 in Bad Nauheim, putting an emphasis on "Assembly Engineering 2011"

Specific key questions addressed by the conference were focusing on value-added Processes, assembly production times, process ergonomics, possibilities for automation or the possibilities of more intelligent consignment and part logistics. Project results from globally leading OEM, important new developments from relevant system suppliers as well as trailblazing, practice-oriented studies from leading research institutions were presented. Plenary, focus group and one-on-one discussions additionally contributes to maximizing the event's benefit and networking opportunities.

Our company was not only attending the event but also contributing a lecture. Hansjörg Tutsch, Vice President Research of flexis AG and Stefan Auer from TU Vienna gave a practice-orientated insight into "Integrated sequencing and human-resource planning".