March 20, 2012

Decision support system for capacity alignment at optimal cost

flexis’ research competence is also recognized internationally – flexis is sponsored by the Austrian Ministry of Transportation, Innovation, and Technology within the scope of the “Intelligent Production” program.

Big fluctuations in demand which businesses had to adapt to in recent years will even intensify in the future, experts say. The globalization of competition and demand structures is considered to be a driver for constant change. In the future companies will have to align their available capacity with capacity demand more often and significantly – and this while observing economic principles. Small and medium-sized businesses are challenged more, because they are exposed to higher cost pressures and have less market power which means that their capability to act is limited.

In operational practice an overview of all the possible capacity alignment measures is often missing and the available capacity planning happens without an integrated assessment of the alignment costs. These flaws are to be eliminated with the KoKa project.

The system which is to be developed in KoKa does not align itself with statistically planned capacity limits, but continuously monitors capacity demand which results from required or planned quantities. KoKa therefore taps potentials which result from the planned, sensible flexibility use. Businesses thereby receive a tool which supports them in the selection of the right strategy to adjust to changed market demands.

Partners are the Austrian firms Adaptive GmbH and Melecs EWS GmbH& Co KG, as well as the Institute of Business Administration at the University of Vienna and Fraunhofer Austria.